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Re: My Ped is Crazy!

Yep, I have to agree that you should run as far away as possible. A parent and doc should have a better relationship, when you that you're working toward the same goal....your baby!!!
She's a moron...plain and simple. My doc loves that I CD..."we see such fewer rashes with cloth." Me and my ped don't agree on everything, but she's at least respectful. And 2 peds have actually told me that even at 10 months, if they're nursing or getting the right amount of formula, they don't even need water unless YOU feel your baby is thirsty. Your ped is a quack. What a moron to prescribe antibiotics. That crap puts everyone in the house at risk, and you also have to worry about nausea, vomiting, diahreah, allergic reactions, etc. You took him to get better, not worse!!!
Sorry you got stuck with a nut. There's so many resources online for you to do your own well baby checkups and to just take him to the doc when you feel he needs to be seen. And I agree that you should take him to the next town.
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