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Red face So is it REALLY bad that...[edit at top]

...DD has never been to a Dr.? She's 5 months old and was born at home so my midwife took care of all the newborn stuff. Then it took forEVER to get her SSN card so CHIP wouldn't even give me an application for her. So we finally got her SSN and filled out her CHIP app. but it's taking forEVER for CHIP to get her stuff processed.

She's exclusively breastfed and pee's and poop's like a champ so I know she's getting enough food. She rolled over at 3 months, started crawling/scooting at 4 months, has two teeth, and "talks" non-stop so I know she's hitting developmental milestones. We don't vax so that's not an issue. So...I've just never really felt any need to get her into a Dr. However, people are really starting to look at me funny when they ask me how big she is and I don't have a clue! LOL

Anyone else have Dr.-less children?!?!

::EDIT:: I guess I should mention that she was 10lbs 4oz and 22.5inches long at birth so people are CONSTANTLY asking how big she is she's some kind of a side show freak! LOL
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