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Re: Urgent Pumping Question! HELP!!

Originally Posted by Katelyn'sMomma
I was in this same boat just about 3 weeks ago. Ok, I did get a drip or two into the bottle but not much more! Everyone told me to pump after the baby was done nursing and I would do it when she was napping. I think the biggest thing was I was so worried about the baby waking up and being hungry and that I would have to feed her what I just pumped to satisfy her! Just relax, maybe read a book and I think it helps if I don't watch to see if any milk is coming out. That just raises my anxiety! It does take a few minutes for the milk to come out. Then it does, then it doesn't, then it does, etc. I have a Medela PIS and you can adjust the speed of pumping. I was told that sometimes if you start at slow and bump it up a few notches, vary the speed, it feels more like your baby is nursing than the "electric baby" imposter. If your child is older now and they have never taken a bottle, you may be pumping for nothing. I waited about 6 weeks to give my DD a bottle, until she was a confident nurser, and she still refuses 3 weeks later. It is a big screaming war everytime I even bring the bottle to her lips! Any one have any advice? I tried Avent bottles (which are supposed to be the closest to the breast) and Dr. Browns. The few times that she has calmed down enough to have it in her mouth, without screaming, she chews up and down on the nipple and can't get her tongue and lips in the right spot. Very frustrating! Especially when I go back to work (max 4 hours each day) in 2 weeks! Good luck on the pumping!!!
After much experimentation and trying every bottle on the market, and I do mean EVERY bottle. . . Nuby bottles are best.
As far as pumps go. I started out with a PIS and HATED it. Then, the Avent Isis IQ Duo came out. I sold the PIS and bought the IQ Duo. That thing is a blessing. It is so so so much better than the PIS in so many ways- no pain, quicker let-down, more like baby's natural sucking, so you get more out faster.

Good Luck to both of you!!
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