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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

Oh Wow. I am crying reading all of these....

Both of my losses have been "losses with a purpose" if that makes sense. At least that's how I see it now....

At an EARLY ultrasound during my first pg (about 6 weeks), I found out I was expecting twins, but that only one had a heartbeat. 4 weeks later, the only embryo left was the viable's known as vanishing twin syndrome. It's sort of common, but rarely caught, unless you have an early u/s. Part of me wishes I didn't know about his twin, the other part makes me glad to know he has an "angel" looking over him and that I had a loss with a positive outcome.

My second pg ended in a "missed miscarriage" at 8 weeks. Well, the baby never made it past 5.5 weeks, but I didn't know it until 8. I had a D&C 5 days after the ultrasound since it was clear my body wasn't going to take care of it on it's own. My ds and that child would have been 17 months apart, which in retrospect would have been very tough on our family. I am grateful that his/her loss was early, and that we were able to follow it up with a healthy baby a year later (almost the same due date).

I've known a few people with late first trimester losses, but not beyond that. I can't imagine what it would be like losing a baby so late in pg.... HUGE hugs and prayers to every mama with a loss, but especially those you held in your arms. I don't know how I'd handle that....
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