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Re: So is it REALLY bad that...

the Drs office is a cess pool of nasty germs. Its meant for sick people. I never really got the whole taking my healthy kid to the Dr thing. My ped likes to see healthy non-vaxing babies at 4 and 9 months for growth/development, and mostly to "get a feel for the child" so he can tell when the kid is really sick. He likes to see them again at 15-18 month, 3 yrs, 5-6yrs, 7-9yrs, 11-13yrs.
But *I* don't think you're doing anything wrong. get a weight on your home scale and measure if you want. You can ck the cdc site for a growth chart and even tell people the % for your kiddo if you want to
Kim, mom of 5
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