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Re: I need some advice please....

When in doubt wait it out.

There are school exemptions
WIC won'y cut you off. They KNOW my kids are unvaxed (3 youngest).
Medicaid - eh I tell them we are "up to date on required immunizations" and that I "left all my forms at home" and that "I get all my shots at the pediatricians office"

These are NOT actual lies.
Required shots: no such thing, they are a RECCOMENDATION by the cdc/aap so my kids have every "legally required unexemptable vaccination" I also say "they are up-to-date" b/c according to ME they are right on schedule (worth noting: if my child is SICK I tell anyone who might need to know that the kid's not vaxed as it may alter treatment). I do HAVE a shot record since my first was initially immunized, so thats "all my records" and I DO get "all my shots at the pediatricians" as in all ZERO vaccinations and shots of antibiotics when one child was desperately ill.
Kim, mom of 5
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