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Unhappy It wasn't teething....(warning, sad story)

Hi All
So, I haven't been here this week.
I posted last week worried about my LO getting 4 teeth at once. She was just miserable. Well, it lasted over a week and DH started to get worried and took her to the pedi Monday morning. He was fully expecting to get sent home, but they noticed her spleen was large and sent her to the Children's Hospital to get blood drawn.

Just as we were leaving the hospital, the pedi called and told us to turn around because LOs white blood count was sky high. Long story short, she has the ALL type Leukemia. The good thing is that ALL is very treatable. The bad part is that she is under the age of 1 so she is very high risk.

I started a care page for her. She is thus far responding very well to her treatment and the doctors are very happy about that.

Here is her page.

If you cannot find it. Its and her page name is HappyAbby
I think you have to sign up to use it. I may move it to a normal blog when I get around to it.

The good news is that we may be able to go home on Monday!
Mom to Abigail (5/07) and Olive (10/09)

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