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Re: How do I know which kitchenaid stand mixer to get?

Originally Posted by mamjo777 View Post
I just measured my counter-to-cupboard, and it's 1/2 inch too short! Problem is, I have decided that the professional is the one I really need! Does anyone keep their mixer across the kitchen from the "baking center" and then just haul the bowl back and forth?
When I was back in the US and cooking with mom, we did. The way our kitchen was shaped was like an L, with the long part having the counter space, sink and kitchenaid on far end of the top, and the other counterspace being devoted to the oven/stove. We'd walk the bowl to the stove, or walk the cooking pans to the bowl.

With the kitchen counter space I have currently, I'd have to walk it literally 3 feet across from the kitchen counter to the oven/stove and counterspace for the pans... there's just no way to have it all on the same counter *and* Have room to work with bread/pastry/cookie making... kitchen's just a tad too small for that part.

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