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Re: So is it REALLY bad that...

Personally, I do go to the dr with my kids. I don't however, think you are being negelctful for not doing so. We are different people and you know your baby, so if you don't vax and you know what to look for in case of delays, why do you need to take her. I don't always think I need to take mine and sometimes I don't do it.

With that said, some people will think you are neglecting your baby so I recommend what the op said about weighing the baby so you don't have to tell anyone. Some people will call child protective services for things like that. I am not saying you should live in fear, just be selective in who you tell those things to. It is better to protect your family. When you know people then you can decide to tell them because you will have an idea how they will react to it. HTH From what you said, you are a great mama!!!
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