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Re: Recipes for "beef for stewing" OTHER than beef stew?

Other than beef stew, our two main uses for stew beef is Chili and a mexican dish called quisado. Pronounced gee-sa-though. For chili we use it in adition to ground beef.

Quisado is easy, it's basically beef stew, with a tomato broth. You're going to use a deep skillet or a larger pot. Season your meat however you want to. Get your pan heated up and then drizzle some olive oil in it. Drop your meat in and brown. You don't need to drain your meat. Add in some cut up carrots, and a couple of the tiniest cans of Hunts tomato sauce. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Add cut up potatos, and if you need to, another can of tomato sauce. Cook until the potatoes are tender. Toss in a can of green beans and a can of fireroasted tomatos. Serve with beans and tortillas. There's not really any specific measurements, because this is a recipe we make by feel and looks.

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