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Re: $ How much is your stash $

To date i have spent $1,425.34 on cloth diapers & cloth wipes ..this includes the cost of shipping

i will say i am a bargain shopper... most everything i have bought has been very gently used

*all gently used, unless stated other way*
( bought a ton of new items from mamas that backed out of super deals there, i have very few NEW bought from online )

~My Preemie /NB stash~ $243.00

45 cloth wipes *NEW bought from an online WAHM*
Tiny Heiny *Customer RETURN /washed*
11 Preemie PFs
3 SUPER shrunk Infant prefolds
2 Bummi Original
2 Super Whisper Wrap white
3 Super Whisper Wrap Star Baby
1 Whisper Pant
2 WAHM covers
1 Wahm cloth diaper
2 Made by me cloth diapers
7 Made by me prefect fit into Whisper Wrap inserts
7 Canada booster inserts
5 Kushies All in One
2 Rumpster AIO Diaper(size small,but more like NB)
1 unknowen brand side snap CD
3 wonderoos
21 xs Fuzzi bunz w/ inserts

2Fuzzi buzz changing pads
2 small Bummis Tote Bags

~My small stash~ $502.74

50 Fuzzi Bunz w/ inserts $368.00
4 Mother Eve Fuzzi Bunz Extenders
15Babykicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz
10 Microfiber Inserts
2 Whisper Pant *new*
2 Thirsties diapers w/snaps
1 Gerber velcro cover
6 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap*new*
36 Infant PFs *new*
3 Snappis
1 Bumkins All in One
1 Daisy Doddle
1 Ella's Pocket
1 pair of wool pants (made by me)

18 Mixed inserts/liners

1 med Bummis Tote Bags
1 med/long wetbag Made by me

~My med stash~ $544.15

24 Fuzzi Bunz w/ inserts *NEW bought in an online store* 2day air shipping $34.32 of the $365.82

24 Mother of Eden Stay Dry Liners *NEW*
4 Fuzzi Bunz *washed & used 3 times*
2 Frog print Fuzz bunz w/ inserts
1 GADs *NEW bought from an online*
1 GADs w/ insert
2 Happy Heinys w/ inserts
5 Kushies All in One
1 Bumkins All in One
1 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap*New*
1 Daisy Doddle
1 WAHM cloth diaper

16 Babykicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz
18Small lavender thread Babykicks Hemparoo Prefolds
(used as inserts)*NEW*

1 large wetbag Made by me

~My toddler / Lager stash~ $55.95

1 Fuzzi Bunz pocket diaper *new *
1 toddler Kushies Taffeta Diaper Wrap*new*
2 wiggle worn covers *NEW*$7
2 Wonder Wrap One Size Diaper Cover *new*
21 premium white Indian Cotton prefolds
7 Chinese Prefolds
4 Toddler Unbleached Indian Cotton Prefolds *NEW*
2Polar Babies Hemp Fleece Prefolds Standard
1Polar Babies Hemp Fleece Prefolds Super Deluxe
2Polar Babies hemp fleece w/ stay-dry microfleece liner

~Trainers Stash~ $79.50

1 Imse Vimse Organic Training Pants *new*
1 Happy Heinys Pocket Trainer *new*
1 Kushies Taffeta Training Pants *new*
3 Bummis Training Pants white*new*
7 Bummis Training Pants white
2 Bummis Training Pants print *new*
3 Bummis Training Pants print
2 WAHM Training Pants *NEW*

I would not want to know what the current cost it would be to buy everything brand new in my stash

Yes DH knows what i have spent , and 110% ok with it both our sons are allergic to disposable diapers, talking bold red rash, liquid filled blisters , raw skin...turns bloody
(found out #1 DS was after 17mos & 5 doctors...#2 DS found out after 2-3 hours of the "trash diapers" as DH calls them... #2 only had to go to the bold red rash stage , then a nurse helped me CD him..i love that nurse )

With #1 DS we were still using 12 diapers a day @17mos of age

so at that point 517days X 12 diapers + 52diapers in the 24hours hospitable stay with glikly pump=6,256

6,256 daipers x about 25 cents each = $1,564.00 spent in 17mos on "trash diapers"...not going to think about the amount of wipes used

yes my complete stash is going to my sister's twins when i am done ... if she CDs with them
CD,BW,BF,Mama cloth,composting ...Married to my HS sweetheart
6/02 ~ 7/02~ 12/03 9/04 Born @ 38.0w LifeFlight/NICU/IA defect Surgery #1@3days old,#2 2/06, #3 11/09,#4 6/10,#5 8/10
7/2007born emergency c-section @39.0wIn STOCK Mama Cloth & PAST WORK

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