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Adopt a Newbie!!!! Please repost after #2200 if you still need a BS

ok so hopefully you all have PM'd each other once you've found a BS or LS.
IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ADOPTED OR STILL AVAILABLE, please repost on the last page or any post after #2000 and hopefully that will weed out the mamas who still need somebody.

Ok so with all the newbies coming aboard I am thrilled that the CD'ing world is growing and becoming more mainstream. But it makes me sad when a newbie PM's me and is so frustrated and confussed....... or even worse when we catch a scammer dead in its tracks about to scam one of them (us too) and they give up and leave DS altogether. So its enough of us experienced mamas here that can give a helping hand and help them learn the ropes. BTW "experienced mama" is NOT determined by time only, rather time and exposure to different methods and types of CD's and other subject matters, like wet bags, wipes, diaper sprayers, washing and storage routine, buying and selling. etc etc.

So I thought the main benefits of something like this might be:
* To help and support the new CD mama when she has questions. This might lessen the amount of posts that ask the same questions that have been answered several times. Also she will get more insight from her big sister rather than have somebody just tell her its been asked already or just be ignored altogether, not saying she cant post her question but asking a designated person might be more helpful.

* To integrate them into the community and get to know the newbies. This might help with not being so warry of scammers, if she has a big sister that might be able to vouch for her from the communication shes had with her to reassure a buyer wanting to purchase from a newbie. Many times if we see that a newbie is active in the other parts of our community, we trust them more.

* To help them with the buying and selling. We can help them to watch out for signs of being scammed or advise them or give them a heads up on a good or bad deal. Like maybe she sees something on craigslist thats way over priced and asked your opinion first, you could let her know you've seen a better deal some place else....... or you yourself are selling that certain thing and can give her a better deal.

*Also we can help them determine an asking price when they're ready to sell something and what condition it should be in so that they dont get grief from the buyer for sending something that wasn't really as described. This is an innocent mistake I have experienced from buying from a newbie and its annoying but understandable.

*Give them a sense of bonding and belonging. I see many newbies feel left out because nobody will take the time to answer their posts... or laugh at their jokes in a popular thread and imagine watching a mama grow from buying gerber prefolds from walmart to having the best stash around and even a few more kids. You would feel so close to her to have gone through that with her.

Theres tons of other benefits I think, and I welcome suggestions or moderator guidance to make this happen.
I was thinking maybe a newbies who want a big sister can post here, and then a "not so new" mama can quote her to adopt her and then pair up from there. Eventually your newbie wont be so new anymore and then the relationship can evolve into an equal, same level type friendship or maybe just dissolve completely with no hard feelings. (not everybody is compatible forever)

~To be a big sister you do not need a certain post count but it would be nice if you only volunteer if you feel you really can help support and guide a newbie.

~We ask that EVERYONE participating post here so that we see who you are. This is to also safeguard our community from scammers who volunteer to help someone through a PM, but only with the intention to take advantage of their lack of knowledge and perhaps sell them some junk or take their money with no goods in return.

~ you can take on as many newbies as you feel you can support.

~follow the pairing up guidelines in post #23-25

~ for the tweeners, those who dont know if they are big sister or need one. I feel you guys could probably be big sisters as long as you know youre way around DS and have built a useful and active stash and have an actual baby that you use it with. I say this because you have been through the rough parts and confusing stage of getting started. Let's not forget that our big sisters are not our sole resource, we still have the message board for further info. If there's something she cant answer, then start a new post to ask other mamas or use the search function.
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