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Re: So is it REALLY bad that...[edit at top]

I always get worried when I tell people miranda doesn't see a doctor either. I did have her at the hospital and she isn't vaxed, and won't be.

we did the 2 month appt and the doctor completely lost his mind and freaked on me until i had to walk out of the office crying my eyes out. I never went back for a well baby visit again. At 6 months I brought her in for something and the doctor was really nice about not vaxing and all.. then i had to switch doctors so at 8 months when she got this horrible rash on her face i bought her in and all the doctor talked about was bringing in her vac record at her 12 month check. I told her I didn't have one because she's not being Vaccinated.. and walked out. miranda ended up with a horrible cold from that appt.

she's now over 2 (just barely) and i don't plan on taking her in for anything.
Unless of course by some miracle i can find a doctor who doesn't push vaccinations. which would be a miracle.

To the OP:
It's not Bad in anyway to not bring your child to WBV. IMO they are pointless. I measure and weigh her every couple of months, which i used to weigh myself then weigh her. I now have her stand on the scale, and I get out a tape measure and measure her.

I never understood why adults had to go to the doctor only once a year, but babies have to go 100 times a year. then one day it dawned on me.. Vaccinations.. and to fill out the rest of the appt they basically make small talk. Not vaccinating no need to go in.
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