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Re: How often to wash a baby?

My first didn't get regular baths when he was little little because he'd get *really* dry...and he wasn't smelly or dirty. He'd get wiped down if he *did* get dirty..but generally, he didn't get regular baths..I wouldn't even say once a week (but he was always clean - we're not gross )

My second though - different story...he was a stinky little baby right from the get-go and was getting a bath every day as soon as his cord stump was gone & healed. He was just super oily and he's very warm natured, so he sweats a lot..and he just had some serious B.O. He *required* a daily bath. Now at 2.5yo and 1yo, they get daily baths. My first is still dry (eczema) so he does get lotion and everything...but they need daily baths. My kids do.
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