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why is 6yr old so annoyed by my babies crying

Ok here is a little of what I am dealing with I am getting very fusturated to the piont i just don't know what to do anymore think of seeking professional help. I have 6yr son who can't stand anyone to cry or make niose for that matter I have a 4yr old girl 22 month old girl 6month old boy and the 6yr old is a boy so you can imagine it gets crazy here sometimes and we live in a 1600squ. foot 3 bedroom house not very big.THis morning i just lost it and i feel bad but the 6 yr old was just laying into my 22month old for no good reason just because she was babbleing and the breakfast table toddler talk you know it was cute but it annoyed him like crazy this is evertime she talks or cries or walks by his room i am convinced that he hates her I know that is extreme but that is how it feels now. ANd he was very excited about the baby being a boy but the excitment is wearing off he is starting to yell at the 6month old everytime he crys and it is violent yelling is there something wrong with my oldest child we thought sensory intergration disorder when he as 4 1/2 but when he went to kindergarten the teacher said no nothing is wrong with him well he did good in kindergarten but this year he is already fighting with other boys on the playground he is very bright at the head of the class when it comes to academics but the social stuff i am worried about. Ok Sorry this is so long I just am at my wits end don't know where to turn the Dr thinks I am crazy he says all kids are like this I don't think so or is he right.
Please give me words of advice desperate.
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