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Re: Adopt a Newbie!!!!

I would love to be a Big Sister Do I qualify?

I have been cloth diapering for over 9 months now. But I have known and l been learning about cloth diapers for close to 2 years now. I have tried and owned: AIO's, Fitteds, Pockets, AI2's, Pocket Fitteds, Prefolds both cotton and organic bambo velour, Both sized diapers and one size, PUL covers, wool covers(pull up style in both soakers and longies). I use snappis but will hope to learn and start using pins as well.

I'm a SAHM to my DD and hopt to start TTC for baby #2 next year. So I plan to use CD's with the next baby as well. I would love to help a newbie out because cloth diapering and DS can both be overwhelming at first until you learn what works for you and your way around here and become hooked to both
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