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Re: Adopt a Newbie!!!!

I have a big sis!

My name is Heather, and I am a SAHM (former teacher) to a 2.5 year old DS and a 7 month DD, both who wear cloth. DS only wears pockets, while DD wears pockets and fitteds. I BF DS until he was nearly 2 (he self weaned when I was 5 months pregnant with DD) and exclusively BF DD. I'm a babywearing, cloth-diapering, often co-sleeping, semi-crunchy, make-my-own-cleaning-products, avoid-chemicals-as-much-as-possible, doula-in-training, lactation-consultant-wannabe, knitting fool mama.

But I may not be as "high needs" as other mamas. I've been doing this since late November/early December part time, full time since late December (used Christmas money for initial investment!) and generally only have a few ?s. I started with pockets (BG OS, FB) but I've metriculated into the world of WAHMs, and now use fitteds and wool. I wanted beautiful longies but didn't think I could afford it, so I taught myself to knit 2 months ago, and now have a few! We now use BG OS and Happy Heiney OS for DS, and FB, BG OS, Thirsties FF, GMs, Mutt (1), and a few WAHM dipes for DD.

I'm a research hound, so I have some questions occasionally, but not often as I usually find things out through reading what others have to say before I need to ask. I often answer questions because I feel like i have a lot to offer more newbie folks than myself. So.......What I am looking for in a Big Sis is someone to get to know me and vouch for me when i start to sell. I have been a buyer a few times, but never a seller. As I am starting to feel the GM love, I want to be able to sell some of those pockets to fund the growing addiction (I only have 2 GMs). I know how people around here (understandably) feel about only buying from people they know, or only selling to people they know (while I have had wonderful people sell to me, and others that responded to my pms even though they didn't eventually sell to me, I have also been completely ignored when I know I was the first or second to respond sometimes. I'm sure this is because of my lack of feedback.)

I also ~~neeeeeed~~ someone who understands my growing addiction to GMs! not hard to come by, I'm sure

so i may be a good "second" newbie for someone, as I don't have *that* many questions most of the time.

THanks, and this is a great idea!!!!!!!

***ETA - I am in SE Texas. man, my post was long......sorry!

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