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Re: why is 6yr old so annoyed by my babies crying

Hi there. I have 4 children, 2 of them have neurological differences. It could just be that he's really stressed and needs some counseling. Or it could be that he does, in fact, have sensory defensiveness, and he is reacting to that. Would he agree to wearing ear plugs or headphones? That might make him more comfortable. I do think you should have him evaluated. What your dr told you is really common, but I would not go by that. Many many times drs underestimate the impact the problem is having. Most of the things kids with neuro processing differences do are like what typical kids to, only more extreme/intense. It's easy for a dr to underestimate the problem. If your mommy radar is going off, listen to it. It can't hurt to have an evaluation. If he's truely not affected by some neruo dysfunction, great! But if he is, you need to know. Unfortunately, you have missed out on the EI programs, he's too old. He would be serviced by the school district now.

Is he having any problem in school? if so, what you need to do is write a letter to the school principal. CC the special ed director. Sign it and make a copy. Take the original to the school and hand deliver it. If the secretarty takes it, fine. Let her know it's important and ask how/when it will be delivered. Note any other people in the office. Then go back to your car, where your copy of hte letter is, and write on the back who you gave it to, any other person who was in the office, the time and date and how/when the letter is to be delivered. In your letter, make sure say you are requesting an evaluation (state which kind if you know). The school is not likely to be able to perforn a sensory integration evaluation, though, you will have to find someone outside the school to do that, unless you are really luck and your school's occuapational therapist is qualifed to perform a sensory processing evaluation.

I would also suggest you look for an audiologist who can perfrom an auditory processing evaluation. That might be helpful.

You are that mama. You know your child best. An evaluation is not going to hurt him but it might provide you with critical information you need to make his life easier and less painful. Hopefully you can find the root of this problem, whatever it is. If you can't find a physiological problem, it might be an emotional disorder as well. You should research Asperger syndrome, and juvenile onset bipolar disorder as well, just in case.

Best of luck!
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