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Re: Third tri and need some relief!

I completely understand how you feel. I have a 3 yr old, an 11 mos old and am due the same time as you. My last baby was early and I was on bedrest for most of the pregnancy so this pregnancy has been like starting all over again. Im already outgrowing my maternity clothes and by 6pm Im sooo tired from chasing the girls around that I can barely stay awake. Last week I have noticed that Im slowing down and my house isnt staying as clean as it should. I also work from home for 4 hrs a day and I havent done that in a week. Im with ya sister. We can be complaint Plus my boobs are really leaking all of a sudden, which a friend said could mean that my baby isnt that far off. I dont even want to get off the couch
Jen H.
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