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Re: Question to those with 3 kids(or more)

With our 1st I was still wearing my normal clothes at 6 months.

I am about 5' 1" and weighed about 105 when I got pregnant.

With our 2nd - I started showing about the time I was 5 months. But I carried that one totally different than I did the first one! More wide than all in front.

With my 3rd - my husband and I could tell I was pregnant but anybody else could not. My clothes hid it (not tight or constricting but you could see and feel my belly naked more than clothed).

that's pretty much the way it has been with the last 3 also. Hubby and I could tell I was pregnant by about 10 weeks but not anyone else - I tend to hold it in and then pop all of a sudden around 25 weeks.

I didn't have stretch marks until this last pregnancy (#6). That was my heaviest baby so far - was 8lb 15 oz.
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