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Re: MMR question for vaxers and non

I have three boys and I am pro-vax. I have vaxed all three. The mmr scares me. I am holding off(possibly) till my 7 month old is three. My second son got it when he was 12 months and had a reaction. Ds was a very sickly child, asphyxia at borth, reflux, bradycardia, apnea, rsv-the list goes on. So his circumstances are a little different. But the day he got his mmr he looked like he was having mini seizures. We took him in and they sent him to have an eeg-it was normal. He continued to do it so they did a prolonged eeg and caught him doing it on videotape. I was not seizures or tics. I spoke to the top pediatric neurologist in the state and she said it was shuddering attacks. He did it for a few months and dosen't do it. In my extensive research of non-biased info I have learned that shuddering atacks are caused by asphyxia at birth and oxygen levels dropping due to asthma. I think the mmr vaccine caused his asthma to act up. The ped stated that it was possible that the vax caused this. My third son and first son were very healthy and has had no reactions to vaxes but because of what happened last time I want to wait. My ped agres and wants be to do what I think is best.

He did tell me there is an outbreak of mumps in the midwest right now. I also read it in my local paper,SCAREY. If the outbreak is controlled and does not spread I will wait, if not I will get it-no question!!!

Also, do your own research some people are well intentioned but they will say anything to get you to vax or to not vax. Talk to your ped, beyond popular belief they do recognize that vaxes do cause side effects. The friends I have that don't vax or delay vax their peds understand. More so the delay vax the no vax they usually have a prob with that. The internet has a lot of biased info, watch out. Pediatricians believe the benefits out weigh the risk of catching these illnesess. That is what they believe, you have to make up your own mind and talk to him about it. I talked to mine and he totally understood and believes a wait would be better.
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