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all of a sudden he hates the bath and cries. Help!

Ethan is 8 months old. He loves the bath, until I have to rinse his hair. In his old blow up ducky tub, it was easy. I'd just lean him back and rinse, no big deal. Now thathe's in the regular tub, its harder. As soon as water is poured over his head, even if nothing gets in his face, he bursts into tears. He hates it. Sometimes even just pouring water over his back and chest makes him cry. I feel so bad. If I lean him back, he's nervous. I've never dropped him inthe tub or anything like that. Any suggestions on what I can do? I know that One Step Ahead makes a pitcher that forms to their forehead so nothng gets on their face. I might spring for that. I wish I could make it more fun for him. He plays and enjoys himself butnow every bath ends up i n tears
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