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Re: Why won't my Dd sleep

I'm right there with you. Our son hasn't been sleeping since his 1st birthday and he's almost 17 months old! He is so tired, but I think his teeth wake him up. He naps some day really long, but almost always wakes up crying. I think now it's also that he's just so exhausted. For us, I know it's his teeth. His molars took at least 6 weeks to all break through, we didn't get any break and neither did he.... Now he's cutting all for eye teeth.... It has been so hard. I can only imagine how hard with being pregnant.

Those teething tablets helped with the first 8 teeth but do nothing with molars or eye teeth for William. He also has cut mulitple teeth at once and is just misserable I'm afraid. Let's hope her teeth come through quickly for you and that she starts sleeping like normal very soon.

Keep us posted!
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