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To call or not to call the doc...(long)

So here I am 31 1/2 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby, and I need some advice. Hopefully with all the mama's that belong to this site, somebody has either been through this or maybe even a midwife or OB will see this.

I have already "dropped" about 2 weeks ago and the doctor says everything is fine. Cervix is intact and nice and thick, just "take it easy". I have contractions everyday, some 10 or more, others just a few times. But since Saturday, I have felt like crap. I have absolutely no energy, my belly feels like one constant gas pain from one side to the other all below the belly button, Gas X doesn't relieve it nor does having a poop. I have throbbing pain in my...well let's just say down there, it's not pressure, just a painful throb. The pain "down there" comes and goes and sometimes stops me in my tracks. The "gas" pain has been constant with no relief. I was hurting so bad last night that my neighbor came over to give my 14 month old daughter a bath. It seems that with the last pregnancy, I would call the doc, go in, told its just muscles or whatever, and then go back home. I have way to much to do to ruin an entire day to go to the doc for him to say "it's nothing". My husband is out of town (comes home Thursday) and then leaves again M-F next week. I am someone who hates to inconvience someone (yes I know its my husband), but he has been looking forward to this seminar/class for a long time, and I can't bear to tell him that I don't want him to go. I guess that I am just scared to call the doc because I don't want him to say "Guess what you're staying with us" or "Take it easy". It's hard as heck to take it easy when you have a toddler running around. I have even looked at daycares to put her in but they are too expensive and I feel like I am dumping her when it's not even her fault. Yes, I am stressed out, but aren't we all!

So I guess back to the whole discomfort and I wait it out until Thursday when I go see the High Risk OB (I had pneumonia in Feb that started up my ashtma really bad!) or should I call my regular OB or wait for his appointment next Monday.

Thanks for listening/reading!
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