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Re: the updated DS rules

I really dont care about any of this, anymore. My brain hurts. I feel like Im in a chokehold, because where else can you go that has a member count this high and as much info? Nowhere.

But I cant resist a few:

1. Any hateful, rude, racist, derogatory, foul language (spelled correctly or not, this is a family friendly community), insulting, or otherwise mean content (pictures, blinkies, avatars).
Too subjective, you need to be clearer. Because my teasing may be hurtful to someone, and I didnt even realize it.

4. Posting one-liners (abrasive sayings), pictures (picture of person with head up their rear end), or smilies (like banging head against the wall) in threads for the sole purpose of further fueling the fire in a hot topic
Im the queen-o-one-liners! Some threads are meant to be just fun, and people are joking around. Again, this rule needs clarification. I fueld the fire in my own thread, where I jokingly accused mamas of setting me up by telling me to keep the lid off my pail. ACcording to this rule, I broke a rule.

6. Quoting private messages on the forum. Private messages are private.
Not exactly, since youve already told us what we can and cannot pm each other with regards to bad WAHM lists. So our private messages are no longer private, since you are censoring what we say there too.

10. Posting the same thing more than two times in a thread
What about reiterating a point? Debates often lead to people repeating themselves, or rephrasing. I assume you mean the identical wording, but what about for emphasis? I recommend a Lullaby Dreams in evern thread asking for a nighttime diaper, and sometimes go back to recommend it again, because I love it so much.

Also what about bumping? You can bump twice a day, and I know Ive done that for a few days to some of my FSOT listings.

11. Bashing the site staff or DS as an entity (you can share you opinion in a respectful way, but "DS stinks" will NOT be acceptable)
What is the difference between bashing and expressing dissatisfaction? I can certainly say "DS is becoming a difficult place to love, I disagree with the moderation, and the overall attitude of this Mod", which is tantamount to saying "DS stinks."
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