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Re: the updated DS rules

Okay, so if we are allowed to ask questions in this thread here I go:

4. Posting one-liners (abrasive sayings), pictures (picture of person with head up their rear end), or smilies (like banging head against the wall) in threads for the sole purpose of further fueling the fire in a hot topic
-Clarify "one-liners (abrasive sayings)" ...I'm not sure I'm understanding, can I get an example?
-How does posting a banghead smiley add fuel to the fire? Doesn't that just experss personal frustrations? How will mods distinguish between what is fueling the fire and what is not?
-do these specific rules only apply to "hot topics" or do they apply to any posts? I only ask because taken out of the context of a hot topic, some of these things may not cause any problem, and could just be funny.

7. Linking to a FSOT post regarding a negative/neutral feedback left for you
-Is this just the same thing as the "nobody gets named/identified" rule in the transaction & feedback forum?
8. Using a slogan, sign, etc that indicates membership in an elitist clique or group: no cliques please
-Define clique... there are lots of inside jokes on DS, usually branching out of certain if say I put the mohairknitter in my avatar and Mistylaureena starts a thread saying "Nice Avitar" then puts the mohair knitter in hers too... would that be a violation of the rules because we are friends (could be perceived as a clique I guess?) and we are sporting mohair knitter avatars?

9. Unsolicited purchasing opportunities
-What does this mean? I like to post lists of stores, diapers, kinds of diapers or other stuff like that with links to where to buy, my intention is to help new people or people who are looking for that stuff... but if my posts are "unsolicited" does that mean I will get a strike for doing this?

10. Posting the same thing more than two times in a thread
-Please explain this and the reason behind it
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