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Re: the updated DS rules

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Remember, the DS staff aren't morons and they aren't out to get you. They will use there discretion and they are good at what they do!
I would love to be able to agree with this but I have been around here long enough to know better. Not that I am in any way calling the DS staff morons, but I have had many an encounter with mods in which they say/do something that is flat out wrong...and every time I remind myself that they are just mamas like me and they make mistakes, have bad days, don't know everything etc... but that doesn't really help the fact that I get a note written in my profile or my post deleted...where as they get to have the final word in the dispute weather they are wrong right.

All I'm saying is that in many cases the discretion of certain members of your mod team is not the best judgment and in many cases not even fair...for the most part they are good at what they do (there are some fabulous mods/admins here!) but I've also seen some who are bad, vengeful, having a mean day or just plain out to get me. So since I really DO care about being a member of this community, I need to have the rules clearly defined for me in black and white to protect myself from "discretion."
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