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Re: When #2 (or more arrived), was CDing overwhelming?

I didn't start CDing till I was pg with my fourth. My oldest two had just potty trained and Torrin was the only one left in dipes. I decided I wanted to CD the new baby and that I'd try it out on Torrin before she was born.

I haven't been overwhelmed by it... but it does take A LOT to overwhelm me. The main difference that I noticed (and I still get behind now and then *ew*) is all the poopy dipes I have to rinse now. I've gone from one a day at most, to more like at least 4 or 5 a day! I've kind of settled into a routine though... I leave her poos in the sink until either he poops or till the end of the day, then I rinse them all. Torrin's never been a real heavy wetter and still only goes through 3 or 4 diapers a day - so that help make it easier... and, yeah, having a family of six we have so much laundry anyway that I don't notice a load of diapers every couple days.

I used to watch my niece and nephew full-time (when I only had 3 of my own) and, at one time, I had 5 kids all wearing sposies. I felt like I was drowning in diapers!
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