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Re: the updated DS rules

A lot of these rules seem like they're pointing at one "elitist group" or one person specifically....

I just have questions why we can't even mention other boards here..... Is it that threatening? I never get in the drama here and just try to be a good member and do my thing, but I have to ask why the new rules?

Why does it make it seem like DS can be our only online board committment? Why are we allowed only to be DS's friend, and no one else's, especially if the other boards that we mention have open membership and anyone can join? Why can't we put whatever we want as our AVI's as long as it's not vulgar/offensive (I saw someone earlier told they couldn't have there AVI anymore--and it wasn't even offensive). I'm so confused.

I though people came here, as mothers, to just chat, vent, swap, sell, converse, and basicalloy de-stress. Having all these rules definitely does not make me de-stress.
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