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Re: the updated DS rules

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Yes, because they have solicited it.
I was told that when I responded to three mamas that openly ASKED about RME that this was considered spam

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
No, as pointing someone to your preggo ticker isn't spam. Pointing someone to your store is. Remember, the DS staff aren't morons and they aren't out to get you. They will use there discretion and they are good at what they do!
I am really trying hard to figure out why it matters if someone points out their store or links to another site.. Can someone PLEASE explain this to me.Also, if what Lee has said applies then the wording of this rule needs to be changed:

5. Posting a thread saying, "Hey, look at my siggy"

To me that means ANY thread that says "hey,look at my siggy" is breaking this rule..If it only breaks a rule when linking to their store than this rule needs to state something like "Hey,look at my siggy" threads IF the siggy links to a personal selling site.

Also, I saw it was okay to link to LLL but here is a rule:

2. The use of your signature, posts, or avatar to promote competing boards (other mama-targeted forums)

I would say LLL is about as mama targeted as a site can get??
Once again as I stated in another thread Just about EVERY woman on here WOULD NOT be here if someone on another site had not shared that Diaperswappers existed..It is probably other major sites and friends sharing info on them that has attributed to the success of DaiperSwappers! I send people here all the time and should be allowed to send people here to other great sites as well.

Why this feeling of fear of competition???

Originally Posted by p1p3r View Post
Is the "Kim ribbon" in my siggie a violation?

What about a new post in Diaper Chatter that goes something like "SOS just stocked!!". Is that okay with a link or can links not be provided unless requested?
Hey, I want a Kim ribbon!!!!

And ditto to the above question.. How do we know what is acceptable to post a link to and what might get us a warning

Honestly all this stuff going on is starting to make my head spin. I like being a part of DiaperSwappers.Really I do but I am starting to get the feeling that I have to be very careful and everyone has to walk on eggshells or something

I am a busy mommy and wife.. I like coming here to unwind but if I have to constantly worry about changing or vague rules what's the point in trying to stay a part of this community.. I really don't need the extra stress and worry about rather or not what I post could get me banned.I try to be polite and careful on here anyway but I HAVE broken rules without even REALIZING that said rule was in place.

Actually,thanks to a post raven and ooey made I am getting to see some of the rules for the first time and they just seem.. I dunno.. sigh...

This is all just to much to try to process for me right now.. I am off..

Have a great day folks.
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