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Re: How did we get here, anyway?

Originally Posted by starrymomma View Post
more lenient than sites HE'S associated with.. exactly our point. HIS (et. al. * jargon.. wouldn't wanna get a strike. it means AND OTHERS*) association/administration is what's making it strict. probably on a straight path to where those other sites are. memberless but calm.

I can't imagine that if I joined DS now (after seeing an ad in the magazines that have been mentioned) that I would stay long enough to make my 1st post. If I looked around and saw the absurdity that has become 'threads', I would .

I'm now one to fuel or over dramatize, but this is honestly putting me off of DS. Answers that revolve around "For now it's ok, but I haven't decided" are wrong. What if one morning our admin wakes up and decides that goodmama auctions cause too much drama and bans the mention or sale of them? What if he decides that Free for Ship competes with actual items for sale? Funny enough.. if you look through Lee's posts, you will find him SPAMMING for a Rx drug company "his friend runs" in the thrifty forum. C'mon.. tell me there aren't kickbacks involved?

At the risk of REALLY stepping over...
How is is that we have these admins? Do they 'own' the board monetarily? Is it a matter of raising funds & buying them out? Have they 'owned' it from the start? It's just weird seeing people with post counts of a few hundred ousting active members with over 5,000 posts..... They aren't the heart and soul of this board...

Lee owns this site. He makes money off of it, from ads and all of you Site Supporters. He may have other motivations (like he loves hanging out with us ), but money is one of them. He also owns a lot of other forums and has been heralded as a guy that figured out how to make money off of forums. You can google if you want to learn more. I am not bashing Lee Dodd, I am just stating some facts that I only recently learned.

I always thought this site was not-for-profit, and the ads and Site Supporter were just to keep it going for all of us, but it's not quite that warm and fuzzy. HTH clear up some of the confusion
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