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Re: the updated DS rules

Originally Posted by mommyof7 View Post
Not to be "rude" but....I would love to see a site more controlling than this! - many more rules than DS - their mods ban anyone and it is random, you don't even have to break a rule
I can go on and on...
Originally Posted by beautiful7 View Post
Ok, so for clarification purposes...if we are told we did somehting wrong, thats a simple *warning* if it is done again or intentional misbehavior then we will get an actual *strike* and will be told *you have a strike*

so it's not a vague misunderstanding, it will actually be TOLD TO US that we have an actual strike, amiright?
Yes, you are right. You see mods are nice and aren't out to get you. If you make a mistake you may just get a kind PM and receive no strike. They will use their discretion and do the best they can.
Originally Posted by Bugaboo Bottoms View Post
Okay, so, what I am gathering from this-please correct me if I'm wrong-is that we have to make the SAME mistake 3 times to be the 3 strike policy is per rule, not in total...right?
It is really in total, but again, we have discretion there. Due to our coding guru, Ken, we now have some flexibility to with removing of siggy and avy priveledges. So maybe we won't ban and just remove a siggy if a user has issues there. It is open for proper discretion on the part of our mod team.
Originally Posted by mommyof7 View Post
I will willingly change it when one of you tells me that it has been reviewed. otherwise in my opinion it must stay to remind the mod/admin team that there is a problem and you seem to be ignoring it. Can you show us some list that shows where in line we are for your attention to our problems? If I see a list that says I am #?? in line to have my problem reviewed then I will change my siggy. Otherwise as far as I know you are ignoring my problem. You seem to have all this time to come up with new rules but you dont seem to have time to fix any outstanding problems. I am sorry I am not one of your favorite people here and you have made that very clear by ignoring all the PM's I have sent to you. You want to say people getting scammed is more important than a FB issue but in reality I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED and you are IGNORING it.
That isn't part of the rule. You need to change it now.

We do our best to reduce scammers, ban them, and keep this place as safe as we possibly can. Ultimately the responsibility is on you. We make no claim to review all cases or make all things right, we can't. We do our best though. You trade here at your own risk. Just like eBay or Amazon or....
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