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Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

Lots of new-to-EC mamas post asking how they should get started. I don't have experience ECing a newborn or starting at 13months, but I can share what I did in hopes that it helps someone.

We started EC at 5months. About 2 weeks before I got up the nerve to put her on the potty, I read the book Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene by Ingrid Bauer. I started watching for signs that she was peeing or pooing and began cueing her when I noticed she was going.

After we got back from vacation, I sat behind her on the potty, cued her, and she peed. Just like that! I then began to change her diaper right before naps, so that if she woke up dry, I would offer the potty... And she would go, it was amazing to me.

After several days of doing that, I bought a BBLP and started offering the potty after nursing. Then I kept a log of when she went, even if it was a miss, to get a sense of her schedule. I only kept track for 5days or something, because I started to get obsessive about it. That really helped me see when to offer the potty, because I couldn't see any clear signals when she needed to go.

I look forward to hearing how others started on their EC journey.
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