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Re: Share how you got started ECing


We started at 6 weeks, after reading Diaper Free while I was pregnant.
I wanted to start slowly: offer pottytunities whithin 15 min of waking up in the morning and big nap, and everytime I changed her diaper.
The first day, I held her above the sink during a diaper change, cued her and she peed, I was thrilled.
We soon ended up doing more than just offering at wake up and during diaper changes but I keep my expectations low. That way I don't get tense or insistent.
A few weeks later, after reading some other stories on the EC mailing list I decided that it makes sense to start nighttime EC now that she is not moving much. So I layed a folded fleece blanket on our bed. She sleeps in a cloth diaper without a cover. Everytime she nurses or stirrs too much at night I take off her diaper, hold her over a little Ziplock container between my legs and cue her. From night one, she was dry most of the night. If I notice that she peed in her diaper, it;s not a big deal, I take an new dipe in my bedside table, change her in the bed and know she will be more comfortable and sleep better.

SInce I started EC I cannot stand leaving my daughter in a wet diaper, so I did a lot of laundry at the beginning. Now she's 3 months, I know her rhythms better and I use smaller 'diapers' that old only one pee, thus dramatically reducing the volume of laundry.
And I'm in the process of transitioning to training pants
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