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Re: Share how you got started ECing

I started a lot later than a lot of you- at 11 months. I wasn't PLANNING on ECing, but we received a potty chair from someone so I started putting her on it when I changed her diaper. And she started USING it. So then, I started putting her on it when I thought she had to go... and from there a friend online who was doing EC told me more about EC and I started cueing her while she was eliminating.

We practice a lot of AP type parenting and I think just through being attached to my daughter and listening to her needs, I was able to realize that she did not want to sit in her waste any more and actually WANTED to use the potty.

People are AMAZED that my daughter eliminates in a toilet and not her diaper... my mom makes sure people know that it was HER who decided to do this- I did not TRAIN her *laugh*
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