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Re: Share how you got started ECing

We're on-again-off-again ECers.

I actually found Ingrid Bauer's book at our Books-a-million (WOW, I know!!) and was totally intrigued by it and had to buy it. I read it all in one sitting. I decided to give it a try and failed miserably, got peed on a million times, pooped on a few, but kept going. DS was 4 months or so at the time. We went on like this until 6 months when I bought my first cloth diapers... and ofc I thought those were SO COOL and therefore EC'd less. We picked back up when we moved into a new place at 8 months, and did really well until 10 months when we moved again... well we were staying with GMIL temp until we could get into a new place... once we moved into our own place we picked back up again at 13 months and been doing great ever since. I catch most pees... it's the BM's I tend to miss!! We're teetering on the edge of potty independence since he's starting to go over to the potty himself now, but not regularly or consistently. But it's great that he is so in tune with his own elimination... when he can't see his potty (the downside of the clear potty!!) He will stand and say UH OH, UH OH, UH OH and pee in the carpet.
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