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Sick again... Glad i have a DR appt this week!

Wow, Ih ave been down for the count again. I have been running a fever of 102-103 for the last 2 days. my raging bladder/kidney infection must be back. I cramped so hard yesterday i thought for sure i was losing the baby. I was in tears as they felt like contractions. They kept coming and going, but when they were here, they hurt so bad..I am 12 1/2 weeks and getting tired of this. I have been very ill with infections now for a total of aobu 3 weeks. and it sucks.
Yesterday i went ot bed at 230 iin the afternoon, and woke up at 1030 this morning. and i spent most of today sleeping on the couch..
This is the longest pregnancy for me. I have been pregnant and feeling grappy since January, and asside from the 5 weeks i wasnt pregnat after i had my son, i have been sick and tired everyday...( I guess even in the PP period i was rather tired too)
I just want to be myself again... I am this old bitter woman, and i feel so depressed lately and i dont know why!!

Ok, dont complaining..
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