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Re: newborn starting to act colicky--any suggestions??

DS had colic too - here is what helped us.

Gripe Water (available at healthfood stores) - it has ginger, fennel, chammomile, and sodium bicarb (an acid neutralizer). This stuff is a godsend!

Chiropractic adjustments - man did these help alot!!! Just being born throws them all out of whack - once DS was adjusted, he nursed better, slept better, and didn't cry nearly as much. He went 3x a week for a few months until he was holding the adjustments and then cut down to 1x month.

The "colic hold" and swinging....really got the gas out. Especially after a dose of gripe water, it would pour out of him.

Warm baths or warm showers with mama - helped soothe and just get some gas out.

Babywearing - it helped him alot. His episodes were shorter, plus I think the being upright so much helped. Plus being worn soothed him. THe wrap is great for anewborn and super easy to make your own for Cheap!

We co-sleep, and we elevated the head of the bed on wooden blocks - it worked for pregnancy heartburn, and seemed to help DS sleep better at night too.

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