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Re: Are we hurting her by holding her too much?

Originally Posted by JonsMommy View Post
My opinion is no.

Here's my funny little DH story. He has always complained about me holding the babies too much. Finally, whenever we would see a story on the news about some violent criminal, or someone we knew acted like an idiot or something, I started saying "do you think his mom held him too much or too little?" (Not that it's always the mom's fault, but I personally believe that most violent criminals were probably pretty messed up in their childhood.)

Finally one day he had a really aggravating conversation with his ex-wife, hung up the phone, and said to me "I don't know what her problem is. Maybe her mother didn't hold her enough when she was a baby."

Guess I'm getting through.
Too funny, mama. ITA with you.

If your baby isn't allowed to explore, grow, etc. (floor time, etc.) than yes, it may be a problem, but that doesn't sound like what you are describing.
And like the mama above said, you are ensuring a secure person. Babies are SUPPOSED to be dependant. It's our society's need for children to be "independant" too soon that causes so many problems imo.
Take care mama, and keep holdin that bub.
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