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Re: Just for fun (for mamas w/ boys)..

At 4 months, how big is/was (weight then height) your little boy?

Patrick: 19lbs 11oz & 27 1/4 inches

Sean: 15lbs & 26 inches

How much was he at birth (weight then height)?

Patrick: 8lbs 9oz & 21 3/4inches

Sean: 8lbs 2oz & 20.5 inches

If older now, how old is he and how big is he now (weight then height)?

Patrick: almost 8 1/2 yrs about 60lbs and 4'6" tall

Sean: 6 years old, 45lbs and 45 inches tall

Patrick has always been a big boy, Sean started out almost the same size but has always had a more lean and petite build than his brother. My oldest was a very chunky monkey as a baby but he's long and lean now. Sean is leaner but he has the muscles and 6 pack of a body builder, no joke! He is all muscle... except for his skinny little chicken legs. (but even those are all muscle if you feel them) Unfortunately, everyone thinks he's the 3rd born because my dd (who is actually the 3rd born) is the same size or a little bigger than him! Right now, she's 5yo, 48lbs and 45inches and has the thicker build like my oldest. She was 7.5 lbs and 20inches when she was born! My youngest was a preemie so she doesn't count but even she is packing on the pounds and doesn't look significantly smaller any more. She was average size for a 4mos old at her last check up. BTW, Dh is 6'2" and I'm 5'2"


Patrick (9), Sean (7) Caitlyn (6), Brooke (1)Owen (4/08)
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