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Re: baby food: jar vs homemade

I voted both:

When he's home with me he eats stuff I made for him using the Super Baby Food methods. When I make it, I know I washed it well and cooked it well and pureed it to the right consistancy. Jarred baby food (especially the meat!) smells like dog food. It has no taste at all - it's like cardboard. I couldn't imagine my child learning to like different tastes when everything he gets out of a jar tastes the same - nasty! LOL

My MIL is too "lazy" to thaw the foods that I made for him, so she always brings her own jarred foods, but she always buys organic, so that's ok. Those actually TASTE like what they are supposed to!

At daycare he got regular jarred food, now he eats fingerfoods there. He's 10 mo now, so he's mostly eating what we eat nowdays which is nice.
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