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Ok so Kim was allowed back...what about the others who were banned trying...

to bring light to the unfortunate situation?

I know that some were banned for using foul language or saying rude things. But I said things like that too and then held my toungue. It was very hard for many of us to just sit idly by and keep our mouths shut when we knew in our hearts that an injustice had been done. Many of the mama's that were banned did so not with an intention of offending Lee, but rather to say what needed to be said, although their words and tactics may have been off at the time (but understandable given the heated situation). I can still understand their anger it was hard to control for all of us, including Lee who was also a bit rude in the midst of it all.

So my question is this....what about them?
Will they also be given a clean slate?
For almost all of them that was their one and only infraction, where as Kim had several.
So the logic seems to show that they should also be given the reprieve and a chance to start over.

I would really appreciate an answer to this and not have it deleted, it is bound to come up one way or another so we might as well deal with it now.

Thank you, Danni

I also ask that if you plan to post here please keep it civil without snark!

And just want to say that over all you all did pretty well keeping in line and not making this about something or someone else. It did get a bit off track but I hope that the admin can see the thread for what it was intended to be and not what a few made it into.
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