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Re: Any interest in Marco Sky Stroller?

I've been using it for my baby & toddler... I've never had twins I liked it since you can sort of hide the little one in the back & no strangers poked at him you know what I mean? He's sort of hidden away in there if you have the hood up LOL Anyway works out great for us! I'm just not really out w/both boys at the same time anymore now too often & when I am DS doesn't want to be in a stroller enough to justify having it. We haven't used it that much anyhow. I mainly had it for traveling. It's stadium seating so kiddo in the back can still see out the front & also they're not next to each other beating each other up/messing w/each other. Also you can fit through a doorway! YAY LOL

I'm unsure on a price yet. You can't get them in the US, at least you couldn't when I got it - only in the UK & it was a few hundred for me to get it (I got in when I was preggo w/DS #2 - I was about 6 mos along so that would be July 05 maybe? I'm bad at math so I think that was it LOL).

I'm negotiable & not looking to make a fortune here & will ship the cheapest & most convenient way. Also willing to let a mamma pickup/meet a mamma somewhere remotely near me.

I'll take some pictures of it later tonight when the kids aren't going nutso
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