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Re: did your 12 mo old have a lead test?

Actually, this thread scares me. Not that i, as anyone who's ever read any of my posts can tell, LOL, but i feel this thread reveals a shocking problem with our medical system.

The "standard of care" was changed, such that ALL 12 month old children should be getting a lead test. Not just those at risk (which was the OLD standard) but ALL chicldren.....This change was last year, almost exactly a year ago.......according to the AAP, children should be tested at 12 and 24 months. (heres a link...)

I think it is shocking to see how many peds/docs are obvioualy NOT up to date on what the standards are. Now, i of course respect a parents right to decline to have the testing done....but that fact that CLEARLY, so many moms, some of whom RELY on peds to tell them what to do, aren't getting the best information/advice, because their ped for some reason is not following (or perhaps doesn't even know??) what the current guidelines me, this is scary.

To all you moms who were not offered a lead test, and who feel one might be needed, you can certainly request one. Especially if you have any risk factors, it is something to consider....
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