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Two awkward situations..


I've just done my first round of selling my newborn stash and I've already had two awkward situations..

1) (Not related to selling) I bought a diaper off of a mama here. I waited 2 weeks and it didn't come, so I reminded her and she said she had forgotten, was very sorry (Illness sweeping the household) and would send it out priority. I said no problem and waited another week to check again and she said it had been sent a week ago priority (but no Delivery confirmation). She promised to pull out another dipe just like it and send that one.. I wrote back and said that was fine if she wanted to do that or she could just refund 1/2 my pay pal and we could split the loss for the "lost" diaper. I also promised I would let her know if it ever showed up and pay her back the refund. That was the last I heard. It's been almost a month now and no diaper.. Even if I get one, it's not going to fit DS for long.. What would you do at this point?

2) I listed some diapers in VGUC. Someone offered up a trade for some new (unwashed) dipes they had, so we did. They got theirs and they aren't happy because they look more used then their diapers they have that were received in EUC. I have said I'll take them back. Even offered to pay shipping back to me (which they declined) and I'll pay to "buy" the diapers they sent me in trade. I guess I'm a little frustrated, though, because I said they were in VGUC, not EUC. I don't want to upset the mama and I don't want any bad feedback, but now I'm out the shipping and I have to pay her price for her diapers which is more then I probably would have paid if I was "choosing". They diapers I got from her are available in EUC in abundance on the board..

Sigh.. Maybe I won't do anymore trading.. I'm not having very good experiences...
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