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Re: I need some advice please....

I'm in the same boat (althought I HAVEN'T vaxxed thus far) and am just reading all I can so I can make an educated decision--try 'A Thoughtful Parent's Guide to Vaccinations'. I do wish, though that someone who thought just like me would just tell me what to do These are the hardest decisions I've had to make yet!
As for family...I just don't talk about it w/ them. I think my Mom purposely avoids the topic because she's trying SO hard to bite her tongue and it's just easier if she has nothing to disagree with. She also realizes I'm a LOT more educated than she was back then, so what can she say?
MIL, on the other hand, asks at least 1x/week if we've started shots yet and when we say no, she does this 'sssss' thing (like the sound you'd make if you got a paper cut.) It annoys the hell out of me. She does it w/ DH too (and of course asks the same questions I've already answered, hoping to appeal to him.) She always says 'At least get the whooping cough one. My friend says THAT'S the really important one.' Her friend's a lactation consultant. She's the same LC that told MIL that the breast was a filter and that alcohol would not get to the baby, if I drank and BFd. I have to try hard not to bring that one up... I recently told her (as PP said ) that I'm constantly reading and researching to determine what's best for DD and that I wouldn't do anything to hurt her. I told her that she's going to have to accept that I'm trying to keep her safe, even if it's not the norm. (When what I really want to say is 'I've read WAY more than your LC friend on the subject and before YOU speak up maybe you should have some actual facts instead of just repeating what someone else told you.') To avoid that, I just report DD's height and weight and that he said she's just fine in terms of development.
Avoiding confrontation starts w/ avoidance, IMO!
(As for the WIC question, I couldn't tell you one thing or another, but the book I just read said that WIC benefits HAVE been held from parents not following the vax sked. I'd just ask before you make a decision--more in a 'I'm going to be delaying the rest of DD's vaxes ('delay' making people less confrontational than 'waiving'), what do I need to bring, if anything to continue receiving benefits?' kind of way.)
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