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Re: husband thinks cosleeping will mess with baby???

Hi Momma. I co-slept with my 1st son for 6 years. While it was not my cup of tea, I was not really worried about him being clingy. He was not a needy fact he was very independant and still is at 11 years old.

Now as far as DH is concerned, maybe co-sleeping is not what he wants. I know my DH has said NO co-sleeping. We talked as best friends and partners to come to terms about baby and sleeping. We made a compromise. I will be BFing and do not want to lose too much sleep as I will need my rest to tend to our son. We decided to have our son in our room in his co-sleeper next to the bed. I will put him in his own bed for naps and 1st time going to sleep. When he wakes at night to nurse, then I can keep him in our bed. Once he stops night waking he will go into his own room and his bed will be moved there. We decided that night time is our time and that our closeness child free was very important. I would speak with your hubby, see if he is wanting some special time with you and feels left out. Just as much as we want to feel special, so do our DH's. I am sure that you can come to a compromise that can work for all. Good luck Momma. I know how important co-sleeping is for many. For me my DH and his needs are just as important. Give it a try and see if he will agree to some co-sleeping and some time w/o.
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