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Re: husband thinks cosleeping will mess with baby???

Sleeping in the same bed as your child does not make them needy or clingy. Some children are like that by nature though. All 5 of my children have shared a bed with me. All of them are independent. Since i cosleep i am never tired, becuase i can nurse in my sleep. I cant imagine being sleep deprived. I have never been after having a baby. My DH sleeps on the couch on nights where i need more room and when the babies are very new. I do suggest finding some books and reading them together. I think the difference is in nurturing your child and not coddling them. Sleeping with your child is nurturing. Women have been known to move their babies in their sleep, nurse them and it also regulates breathing and heart rates in newborns. IMO there is nothing better. I don't know many animal/mammals that sleep separately from their young. Humans are the only ones that seem to think that a child sleeping separately or in another room is good for them and their independence. I think that independence can be worked on as the child gets older, not a 6 months old. They need their mothers for a reason.
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