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Red face Re: SICK & TIRED of...

Originally Posted by Ooey
If the diapers she sent you are truly OS, then they will have two sets of snaps on the outside (in the middle of the cover) that make them ajustable. If they are size 1 or some other size, they will not have those snaps on the outside. HTH

OK, let me look, I can tell you they look just exactly like the ones I bought from a DS seller that hers were supposed to be size 1. OK, there are, 1 set of snaps in the middle, and one line of snaps a couple snaps on each side. They do fit my 11-12#er (but NOT my 26#er) on about 1/2 way through the snaps, and Little Lambs-Jen- said they fit to 35lbs... I did get one of the ones I got from LL's on my 26#er on the biggest setting of holes & he immediately peed and it poured EVERYWHERE...the entire cover-front back middles sides everyhwhere- was soaked... This is stange b/c my boys are not haevy wetters- I typicall just use a flat trifolded in a bummi or prewrap cover... Oh, and I DID do ALL the stuff(washings, etc) that she recommends on here site to do for the hemp to work better etc too.

I have referred at least 3 different people that got burned by LL on Ebay, to come to this site.... One was a guy that said his it was his wife's 1st Ebay exp and CD exp and that she was totally tutned off of Ebay, etc all b/c of thier exp... I told them about THIS site and about how WONDERFUL & SUPPORTIVE you all are! I hope they dont give up on CD's like I almost did b/c of it...

I just took my LL "covers" outside and sprayed them down with waterproofer and they are currently drying. I figured I cant mess them up anymore than they are... I made the entire colored side of the cover. They are currently drying...

And are you gals SURE that the liner/soaker is supposed to snap in the back and not the front & that the AALLLLLLLL the snaps go in the back? B/c that does make it look really they are still leaking that way too.

I am hoping I will figure them out so I can atleast use them as covers...
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