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Re: Ok so Kim was allowed back...what about the others who were banned trying...

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
I don't think you are ever going to fully agree. These ladies didn't break some technical rule like Kim did. The didn't just act in "heat of the moment" anger either. This was planned, pre-meditated attempts to hurt DS. You can think I am harsh or making things up, but I know EXACTLY what went on during those two days, exactly. I have also received an abundance of communication and feedback to confirm all I know. What more is there to continued questioning isn't going to bring a new detail to light as I have shared openly and honestly why I did what I did. I know several mamas that don't like my decision, but I know a whole lot more that do and are very supportive of my efforts to rid DS of these hateful mamas that would only like to damage this great community. Please don't expect more of an answer as I have been stating the same reasoning all along and posted it in multiple threads. I have nothing to hide.
Hi Lee, I'm curious about the bolded portion. Are you a member of other forums where these planned, pre-meditated attacks were planned and discussed? If you have not read things with your own eyes to confirm this, then your information surely cannot be taken for fact. I'd like to know if you are basing your information on heresay, even if you consider the source trustworthy or if you read for yourself?
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